Monday, October 25, 2010


Glass containers and hurricane candles alternated with floral centerpieces on the 10 reception tables. The candles were wrapped with handmade fabric flowers, leather, and orchids.

perhaps an arrangement of candles on a few tables intermingled to switch up the floral centerpiece look.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love Grows

Bloembox Flower Seeds

I'm going to try to make these myself, they are small boxes, painted a light green with silk flowers on top and tied with a bow. Inside the box, flower seeds. 

favor ideas

I'm not going to have one of these for every guest, but I really like the look of this, and I think it would be a good decor add on to the reception tables, and guests who want to take them home can. I'm going to mix and match my favors and have them all on the tables so no one has to take something they really don't want.
Personalized Tea Sachet

I also love these. Super affordable, they can be personalized with you and your FI's names and wedding date.  I'm going to choose earl gray. much more English ;)

Ceremony Program

I'm skipping the paper programs that everyone will throw away after the big day. This is much more cost efficient than printing out a hundred pamphlets, and much more eye catching too, I think. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I think this centerpiece is super unique. Its a great way to integrate the garden scheme, and avoid the cliche glass vase's on all the tables.
I want the tables all to be really personal and unique. Instead of doing the same favor for every guest, I am thinking of doing different favors and letting people take what they want. Feel free to comment thoughts on that, I'm not completely sure on that yet.

Escort Cards

Die-cut escort cards embellished with vintage-style swirls were displayed on a corkboard at the entrance of the reception venue. I love the Vintage feel of these escort cards. I think it will fit right in with the rest of my theme. These look easy to do as a diy too. I'll use cardstock and print them myself. These arent pins either, there are needles at the top of each card and they are hanging on that. Love it :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Wedding Basics

Hello all! I am getting married June 11, 2011 and I am very excited! I am in the midst of wedding planning craziness, and will be using this blog to organize my thoughts and ideas with webclips and other inspiration I find. MY theme, I LOVE. I will be having an English Country Garden Wedding. And, I am not going to be getting married in England. My wedding will be taking place in Palm Beach, Florida (hometown). I did not want the basic Florida beach wedding though, so I am creating the atmosphere myself. Here's to seeing how it goes!